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Paperless Chart Recorder in Pune: Transforming Data Management in Industries

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, efficient data acquisition and management are crucial for success. Theta Control's Paperless Chart Recorder stands at the forefront of technological innovation, offering a seamless transition from traditional chart recorders to a digital, paperless era. Our solutions are meticulously designed to empower industries in Pune with real-time data visualization, analysis, and storage, facilitating informed decision-making.

Are you ready to embrace the future of data acquisition and management? Contact Theta Control today to explore how our Paperless Chart Recorder solutions can streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and contribute to the overall success of your industrial endeavors in Pune.

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Manufacturing businesses are spending more money on industrial automation technology and industrial control system to boost system efficiency and reliability while eliminating production inefficiencies. With the widespread use of automation solutions in the manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals & materials, and pharmaceutical industries, the market for industrial automation is expanding quickly. Companies can significantly reduce operating and labor expenses by implementing automation components and enterprise control solutions.

Using control systems, computers or robots, and information technology for managing various processes and machinery in an industry to replace humans comes under industrial automation.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Improves precision and flexibility
  • Lower direct labor costs and expenses
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves process or product consistency
  • Delivers high-quality products


Paperless data collection and analysis are made possible with paperless recorders that offer a secure, reliable, and affordable solution. Paperless recorders from the PR series are available with amazing features and specifications and can have built-in PID controls.


  • Fast logging speed: 100msec sec
  • 2 USB, web server, email, and many more features
  • Supports pulse input, all T/C, RTDs, and Linear Inputs
  • Math Channels available
  • 48/24/6 input channels and max up to 96/48/24 external channels
  • IP65 high-resolution touch screen display
  • Communication Standard Ethernet - Optional RS-232/RS-485/RS-422
  • DAQ software is available and can be customized
  • Can have 1/2 channel PID Controls built-in (with Profile controller)
  • FDA 21 CFR - Part 11 Compliance

Numerous display features, including a trend display, a bar graph display, and a numerical display with a touch pen, characters and, images can be drawn on the screen and saved as data where Ethernet and upper / lower communication are optional.


  • View real-time display of data in various formats
  • Digitally transfer and store all results
  • The built-in display allows users to review measured data in real-time quickly
  • Ease of use due to info-graphics and touchscreen displays
  • Batch recording or continuous data recording is possible

For data recording, storage, and reading-in of settings, hybrid recorders contain an integrated SD card port (cards available separately). Additionally, these recorders feature an LCD digital display for easy monitoring of the measured values. THETA Control is the leading Paperless Temperature Recorder Supplier in India.


  • Combined functions of paper recorder and paperless recorder
  • Enables to print the saved data of inner memory when running out of recording paper(data logger function)
  • Recorder, 50/100mm, 12 Channel, 12 Alarm output, RS485 Ethernet/USB, 100 to 240VAC
  • High-speeded sampling of 25 ms, a high-speed record of 240 mm/H functions
  • Space-saving for installation with compact design (rear length: 168 mm)
  • Supports total 27 kinds of input types
  • Enables order of several types of input cards (weight, voltage, current frequency, potential meter, etc.)

To regulate and record the data, most furnace applications often require a separate Controller and Recorder. Ramp & Dwell controls are required for some furnace applications. Using the new process control Card PC201, the new generation Paperless Recorder offers PID Control, Ramp & Dwell Control and Recording in a single device. For furnace applications, this single-loop controller is used. This reduces the cost, space, and wiring required to use the controller and recorder independently.

Fuzzy Logic and PID microprocessor technologies regulate the Process Control Card. PID microprocessor-based technology and Fuzzy Logic allow a process to achieve a predetermined set point in the least amount of time, with the least overshoot during power-up or external load disruption. The module is simply connected to the paperless recorder's back-side IO slots. The touchscreen menus and navigation allow for a simple configuration of several control and input parameters. The device's Configuration Menu or the PC-based Configuration Software can be used to configure this Process Control Card.


  •  PID Controller, Ramp & Dwell Controller, and Recorder 3 in one Device 
  •  18-bit Universal input A-D for PID Control  
  •  Fuzzy + PID microprocessor-based control  
  •  50 Profiles,1000 Segments in Total  
  •  Auto-tuning and Self Tuning function  
  •  " Soft-start " Ramp and Dwell timer  
  •  Universal inputs( Thermocouple, RTD, mA, VDC )  
  •  Analog input for remote set point and CT    
  • Event input for changing function & set point