Industrial Networking

Networks serve as a medium for data transfer. However, networks differ depending on the amount of data being transferred. Ethernet and IP networks connect servers and general computing systems in industrial networks with at least one real-time network or Fieldbus. These networks generally offer implicit layers of protection against external threats since they are deeply nested within the organization’s structural design.

Traditional networks may appear highly efficient, but they are limited to a small number of systems. Industrial networks are made to meet the demands of many different systems in real-time. New entry points into these internal networks have been made possible in recent years by deploying wireless and remote access networks within industrial systems.

Sending information to the right place, at the right time, and in the right context is essential. A network system based on Ethernet and IP standards allows data to flow smoothly across any organization.

Industrial networks use an all-digital, two-way communication network to replace traditional point-to-point wiring between existing measurement devices and automation systems. Compared to existing systems, industrial networking technology offers significant improvements. Using industry-standard networks, one can select the right device and system for the application.

Other advantages of industrial networking include the following:

  • Less wiring results in reduced overall installation and maintenance costs
  • Intelligent devices resulting in improved performance and enhanced functionality 
  • Distributed control allows for the option to apply control, either centralized or decentralized for increased performance and reliability
  • Simplified wiring of a new installation, resulting in fewer, simpler designs and overall reduced control system design expenses
  • Networking offers improved maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities
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Defence Systems

About our Activities

THETA has been developing Controllers and Instruments, mainly for DRDO, for the last 30 years. Many of the units developed by us have gone in production / field use.

We had been involved with the development of ROV 'Daksh' for several years, and had developed several major subassemblies for it. We were also privileged to be selected as one of the 4 production partners for manufacturing complete

Theta is also involved in other projects of R&DE, like the SROV, CSROV, UXOR etc.

We are presently working with multiple users across Various DRDO's, PSU's and also private Defence Manufacturers. We handle development of units as per required specifications, and also manufacturing capabilities to provide required

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Theta has developmental capabilities - as under

  • Embedded Controls –
    • Over the years, THETA has developed various embedded systems for a wide spectrum of applications.
    • We are working on the 8051 family, Microchip, ARM & also Tibbo programmable devices.
  • Power Electronics –
    • We work with Thyristors, MosFETs, IGBT's, etc, and have done various units like the power regulator, specialized power supplies, HV PSU's, Buck Boost converters, etc
  • Analog, Digital and Discrete Logic –
    • These are very useful for signal conditioning, as well as implementing fast logic. We also work on CPLD's
  • Working across Multiple Technologies -
    • We have worked with various technologies like PC systems, Communication, Mechanical Systems, Motor Controls, etc
  • Ruggedization of units –
    • Most of the units developed by us, that have gone in production, have been tested for JSS-55555.

Our Services:

  • Manufacturing to your Design
  • Developing to your circuits
  • Developing to your requirement
  • Any other

Industrial Automation


  • Error-free and user-friendly Automation Solutions
  • Customized solutions for meeting all requirements

Manufacturing businesses are spending more money on industrial automation technology and industrial control system to boost system efficiency and reliability while eliminating production inefficiencies. With the widespread use of automation solutions in the manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals & materials, and pharmaceutical industries, the market for industrial automation is expanding quickly. Companies can significantly reduce operating and labor expenses by implementing automation components and enterprise control solutions.

Using control systems, computers or robots, and information technology for managing various processes and machinery in an industry to replace humans comes under industrial automation.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Improves precision and flexibility
  • Lower direct labor costs and expenses
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves process or product consistency
  • Delivers high-quality products

System Integration

About Us

With expertise in several aspects of engineering technology, THETA has developed and delivered wide variety PC based solutions to numerous customers in various industry segments.  

TMCS Pvt. Ltd. is associate company of Theta Group of companies and a Silver Alliance Partners of National Instruments. We have 20 years of experience in building NI hardware based systems & have over 1 million man hours of experience right from LabVIEW 5.0 till date

We provide End to end Solutions:

  • Application software development in LabVIEW
  • Experience in handling and integrating different types of systems
  • Have worked with NI & third party hardware
  • We can develop Custom protocols for serial ports
  • We have made custom cables, custom interface board and custom controllers
  • In-house hardware development of “Glue-logic” for system optimisation
  • Circuit designing expertise
  • Panel building to integrate all component

Our Activities:

  • LabVIEW Development Services
  • Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ)
  • Panel Engineering Services
  • Automated Test Equipment / End of Line Tester (EOL) 
  • NI Hardware Trading 
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IoT Components

About Us

THETA bring you a range of IoT devices & units as well as useful Development Tools from Tibbo Technology.

What THETA can do for you the pioneers in developing serial-over-IP (SoI) controllers (a.k.a. “device servers” or “serial-to-Ethernet converters”), modules, and related PC software. Tibbo’s SoI products remain popular to this day.

Tibbo undertook to become a leader in hardware and software solutions that simplify and speed up the creation of IoT and automation devices.

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Our Range includes:

  • Programmable Embedded Controller
  • Programmable IoT Modules
  • Serial to Ethernet Converters
  • Universal Programmer / Gang Programmers

Our Services:

  • Supply of Components
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Development of your Application Software
  • Development of Custom Hardware

Digital Microscopes


Dino-Lite digital microscope provides a powerful, portable and feature rich solution for microscopic inspection at up to 900x magnification with variety of resolutions. With high quality imaging optics you can easily see magnified images instantly onto your computer or projected onto large screen. A wide range of stands and accessories completes the product line-up and ensures that the Dino-Lite range offers solutions to meet the needs of the home user, through to the most demanding professional.

This is just one small example of the many ways our products redefine the microscope. Over 150 models available to choose from that will exceed your expectations

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Key Features:

  • Handheld and Portable Design
  • Resolution:
    • VGA, 1.3 MP & 5 MP
  • Magnification Range:
    • 5x-900x
  • User Friendly Software:
    • DinoCapture
  • Interface:
    • USB (2.0 & 3.0), TV, D-Sub & DVI
  • Variety of Lights:
    • LED, UV, IR and many more
  • Short Focus & Long Focus:
    • 5.9mm (min.) to 480mm (max.)
  • Reflection control trigger ( Polarizer ):
    • Useful for suppressing glare from any reflective surface.
  • Auto Magnification Reading (AMR):
    • DinoCapture software automatically detects and displays the magnification and stores it with picture.
  • Extended Depth of Focus:
    • EDOF capture model can take several pictures at different focus and stack them automatically within a click.
  • Various Measurement Tools:
    • Line, Radius, Diameter, Angles, Center Distance and many more.