Cables & Accessories :

  • Belden's fire survival & circuit integrity cables ensures continuous operation of emergency circuits, lowest smoke & zero emission of toxic gases in critical & hazardous applications
  •  Manufactured with a hybrid mica glass tape, highly engineered insulation materials & LSHZ sheath
  • Fire resistance with a high performance which can meet IEC60331, Gb19666, Bs6387, EN50200 etc.
  • Cores & Pairs, Triple or Quad optional


  • Single Modules: 6 x SC Duplex, 6x LC Duplex, 12x LC Duplex, 4 x Rj45 Keystone Jack unshielded or shielded
  • Double Modules: 12 x SC Duplex and 12 x LC Duplex
  • Accessories: Pigtails

Hardened pre-terminated and factory tested cordsets

  • RJ45-RJ45, RJ45-M12, M12-M12
  • Unshielded and Shielded Versions
  • PVC, TPE and TPE High-Flex Cat 5e UTP
  • 17 lengths - from 0.3 to 50 meters
  • M12 bulkhead termination also available
  • Power Flexibility - Products available with wide ranging AC or DC input and 24 volt or -48 volt output.
  • Hardened - Units are available with operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.
  • Waterproof Units Available - Two Ip67 rated units with -48VDC output are available.

Extending the reach of copper for serial & fieldbus protocols via fiber

  • Line Flexibility - Fiber, copper SFP transceivers are available. Bi-Directional models may also be selected.
  • Fiber Flexibility - Both single and multimode SFP transceivers are available.
  • Data Rate Flexibility - Fast Ethernet, GE and 10 Gigabit units may be selected.
  • Auto-configuration adapter 64 MB, with USB 1.1 connection and extended temperature range, saves two different versions of configuration data and operating software from the connected switch.
  • Simple plug-and-play - after connecting the ACA, the new switch loads and saves the complete configuration and software
  • No network knowledge required - only connect the ACA and power up the new switch - instantly ready for use
  • Increased flexibility – a wide range of Auto-configuration Adapters that perfectly support Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet and wireless solutions for reliable performance