Automated Test Equipment / End of Line Tester (EOL) :

Automated Test Equipment / End of Line Tester :

Motor, Alternator Test System:

  • Control and log data of alternator under test.
  • Various tests like voltage regulation, temperature rise test etc can be  carried out automatically
  • Automatic inductive and resistive  loading of the alternator
  • Report generation 

Shock Absorber Test System: 

  • Calculates compression and tension values of a shock absorber.
  • Plots online graph
  • Generates final result based on the tolerance band set by the user 

Electrical Contactor Test Bench: 

  • 6 station test bench
  • Test different characteristics of Electrical Contactor
  • Test parameters are user configurable 

ECU Tester

  • No. of ECU's tested simultaneously.
  • Improve existing and future control units 
  • Reduced time to detect and diagnose failure 

Car Door Handle Tester :

  • LabVIEW made the system adaptable for future software modification
  • Continuous sampling , 20m sec sampling rate
  • Reduced testing time by almost 50 percent 

 Gear Box Testing:

  • Gear shifter lever will be operated with the help of motor.
  • User needs to teach the path to follow gear sequence.
  • Different parameters will be  captured during this endurance test

 Body Control Module :

  • Ensuring Safety, testing and control of electrical load parameters.
  • Maintaining Communication between integrated control unit through CAN or Ethernet n
  • Improved productivity. Faster cycle time  

Ultra High Speed Switch tester :

  • 32 Voltage channnels at 6 micro seconds data logging
  • Real time OK -Not OK Monitoring of all channels
  • Reduced testing time increased efficiency
  • High Scanning Rate as 6 Microseconds 

Cluster Tester:

  • Performance test, Endurance test for vehicle electronics
  • CAN Communication Interface
  • Provision for future expansion, store test data into a different database

Generator test system :

  • 1.2 MWatt Generator is tested with back to back loading
  • Futuristic design
  • Analysed reports are generated in prescribed formats