Defence System Overview :

About our Activities

THETA has been developing Controllers and Instruments, mainly for DRDO, for the last 30 years. Many of the units developed by us have gone in production / field use.

We had been involved with the development of ROV 'Daksh' for several years, and had developed several major subassemblies for it. We were also privileged to be selected as one of the 4 production partners for manufacturing complete

Theta is also involved in other projects of R&DE, like the SROV, CSROV, UXOR etc.

We are presently working with multiple users across Various DRDO's, PSU's and also private Defence Manufacturers. We handle development of units as per required specifications, and also manufacturing capabilities to provide required


Theta has developmental capabilities - as under

  • Embedded Controls –
    • Over the years, THETA has developed various embedded systems for a wide spectrum of applications.
    • We are working on the 8051 family, Microchip, ARM & also Tibbo programmable devices.
  • Power Electronics –
    • We work with Thyristors, MosFETs, IGBT's, etc, and have done various units like the power regulator, specialized power supplies, HV PSU's, Buck Boost converters, etc
  • Analog, Digital and Discrete Logic –
    • These are very useful for signal conditioning, as well as implementing fast logic. We also work on CPLD's
  • Working across Multiple Technologies -
    • We have worked with various technologies like PC systems, Communication, Mechanical Systems, Motor Controls, etc
  • Ruggedization of units –
    • Most of the units developed by us, that have gone in production, have been tested for JSS-55555.

Our Services:

  • Manufacturing to your Design
  • Developing to your circuits
  • Developing to your requirement
  • Any other