Unmanaged DIN Rail Mount Switches :

Unmanaged Industrial Switches are "plug and play" devices designed to connect equipment in network environments subject to harsh operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, vibrations, and shocks. They are designed to outperform commercial switches, with industrial safety certification and permission for hazardous places, making them perfect for operation in extreme environmental circumstances.

Feature-rich unmanaged switches with selectable port types, features, and approvals

  • RS20: 4,8,9,16,17,24 or 25 ports
  • RS30: 10, 18, or 26 ports (2 are GB)
  • Upto 4 Fiber ports available
  • Cost-effective, plug & play
  • unmanaged switches
  • Spider 2,3,5 or 8 Ports
  • Spider 2 or 5 ports with PoE PD
  • Spider PoE Injector
  • Spider II PoE and 4 Standard ports
  • Spider II GIGA 5 or 7 ports, all Gigabit
  • Spider III Standard Line up to 8 ports
  • Spider III Premium Line up to 9 ports
  • Fibre Ports available