Accessories :


Welcome to Theta Control, your trusted partner for cutting-edge Temperature Control Systems and Accessories in Pune. As industries continue to advance, the need for precise temperature management becomes increasingly crucial. Theta Control stands at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability in industrial processes.

  • 5 GHz frequency support to reduce interference  on 2.4 GHz with other wireless devices
  • Convert RS232/RS422/RS485/USB signals to Wi-Fi for wireless transmission up to 100m
  • Compact size    
  • Surge protection and Reverse polarity protection
  • Various mounting methods (DIN rail, screw mount)
  • Converts USB signal to RS-485 signal  
  • Compatibility with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0    
  • Compact design

No Control system is complete without the correct set of accessories. For the convenience of our customers, we carry an entire range of accessories that are required to interface with our systems. Each of these products provides a high level of Accuracy, Quality and is tested with the unit it will be used with. For higher accuracy requirements, the Sensor and the Required unit (Recorder / Controller) can be calibrated as a set and NABL certification for the same is also available. Some of the products usually required with these systems that are available with us are listed below: 

  • Temperature - RTDs / Themocouples  
  • Pressure - Sensors / Transmitters  
  • Voltage, Current, Power Transmitters  
  • Interface / Isolation modules  
  • Power Supplies