Dino-Lite Microscopes :


Dino-Lite digital microscope provides a powerful, portable and feature rich solution for microscopic inspection at up to 900x magnification with variety of resolutions. With high quality imaging optics you can easily see magnified images instantly onto your computer or projected onto large screen.

A wide range of stands and accessories completes the product line-up and ensures that the Dino-Lite range offers solutions to meet the needs of the home user, through to the most demanding professional.

This is just one small example of the many ways our products redefine the microscope. Over 150 models available to choose from that will exceed your expectations

Key Features :

  • Handheld and Portable Design
  • Resolution: VGA, 1.3 MP & 5 MP
  • Magnification Range: 5x-900x
  • User Friendly Software: DinoCapture
  • Interface: USB (2.0 & 3.0), TV, D-Sub & DVI
  • Variety of Lights: LED, UV, IR and many more
  • Short Focus & Long Focus: 5.9mm (min.) to 480mm (max.)
  • Reflection control trigger ( Polarizer ): Useful for suppressing glare from any reflective surface.
  • Auto Magnification Reading (AMR): DinoCapture software automatically detects and displays the magnification and stores it with picture
  • Extended Depth of Focus: EDOF capture model can take several pictures at different focus and stack them automatically within a click.
  • Various Measurement Tools: Line, Radius, Diameter, Angles, Center Distance and many more.



Universal Stand with stable tabletop platform that features precise fine focus adjustment and a new quick release function.


Articulating flex-arm and desktop base rack for tightening and positioning the arm for examining 360 degree rotation with microscope.


Is economical and rigid vertical desktop stand designed in such a way that it gives 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective.


An articulating desktop clamp allows you to clamp a stand onto a tabletop or attach to any surface up-to 3cm thick.