Basic/ C Programmable Modules :




Tibbo IoT modules are highly integrated, compact embedded devices with Ethernet connectivity. Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity options are also available.

  • Event driven Programming
  • Integrated development system (TIDE) available - FREE - Helps development, debugging, complying & programming without any additional hardware
  • Has lots of high level objects (like ethernet, serial) - Frees the user to concentrate on application rather then “ hose keeping”
  • Built on our own OS. No Royalty or Licence Fee
  • Comprehensive Libraries
  • Hardware Details
    • Upto 4 Serial Ports
    • Upto 56 DIO Lines
    • 1024K Flash Disk
    • 2K EEPROM
    • Ethernet 100 BaseT Port (Built in TCP/UDP Stacks)