Programmable IoT Devices & Controllers :

THETA and Tibbo Technology are specialized in network connectivity Solutions. The hardware and software products provide a fast economical way to quickly network-enable any serial device (RS232/422/485). We also provide complete solutions for integrating this device into your systems

Ready to use Serial Converters :

Non-Programmable Devices: :

These non-programmable devices were purposely built to serve as serial to ethernet converters. Their firmware acts as bridge between the Ethernet and serial ports.

  • EM 100 / EM203 are Ethernet Modules for onboard installation. They have one serial port and one ethernet port.



Programmable Serial to Ethernet Controllers :

  • Compact, Stylish, powerful, affordable, and Programmable in Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C
  • DS1100 Single Channel RS232 with ethernet interface
  • DS1101 3.5 Channel RS232 with ethernet interface
  • DS1102 3-Channel RS232/ 2-Channel RS422/ 1Channel Rs485 with ethernet interface
  • DS1206 3.5 Channel RS232 with ethernet interface